1 August 2016

Hay cutting and Wild Adventures Under Suffolk Skies

Last month's hay cut produced one of the highest bale counts at the wildlife site caused in part by the wet weather in the Spring and early summer.  We always leave at least 10% uncut in the meadows to benefit the invertebrates, small mammals, amphibians and reptiles. This also means you can still enjoy the…

Grasshopper warbler Ragged Robin wild flower Young deer Gateway from woodland glade Great crested newt
Secret Meadows Inspired Holidays
Inspired Holidays
Now you can stay at White House Farm wildlife site and experience this special place through dawn and dusk.

The Sinfield Nature Conservation Trust is a Suffolk based charity established in 1994 with the main objective of advancing the conservation of wildlife and wild places to benefit the public.

In 2005, Stanley & Grace Sinfield's legacy enabled the Trust to purchase White House Farm wildlife site near Woodbridge, Suffolk. With 115 acres of wild-flower meadows, woodland, ancient trees and ponds, traditional management practices are retained, including grazing with a small herd of rare breed British White cattle, hay cutting and coppicing.

"Our challenge now is to conserve the very nature of nature, which is the power to connect, to sustain, to heal and to invent; to keep filling the world with an infinite variety of wonders. That is how it is supposed to be. That is how we can move beyond saving bits and pieces of nature, and plan for the preservation of wholeness."
D. H. Chadwick

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